“Revealed Otherness” is the title of the National Museum of Modern Art’s exhibition in the Art Gallery of the City Museum in Križevci. It is one in a series of NMMA’s visiting exhibitions, which the Museum will organise in collaboration with other museum and gallery institutions in Croatia and beyond until the completion of the comprehensive renovation of its headquarters, the Vranyczany-Dobrinović Palace.
Conceived by the NMMA curator Marta Radman, the exhibition features 26 selected works from the collections of the National Museum of Modern Art and the City Museum of Križevci, encompassing paintings, sculptures, photography, photocollage, installations, tapestries, and objects.
Artists featured in the exhibition include: NMMA: Miroslav Kraljević, Goranka Vrus Murtić, Ivan Sabolić, Anabel Zanze, Oscar Nemon, Valerije Michieli, Zvonimir Lončarić, Vera Fischer, Dimitrije Popović, Milivoj Uzelac, Sava Šumanović, Nives Kavurić – Kurtović, Oskar Herman, Neda Miranda Blažević – Krietzman, Ana Opalić, Sonja Kovačić – Tajčević, Anka Krizmanić, Vlasta Delimar, Renata Vranyczany Azinović, Ivan Kožarić, Milena Lah, Žanić Vlasta. CMK: Jelka Struppi-Wolkensperg, Nasta Rojc, Paula Kiepach-Nestoroff, Peppino Wieternik.

The exhibition, which can be viewed at the Art Gallery in Križevci until 16 March, is accompanied by a text by Marta Radman, who writes: “(...) In shaping the narrative for this exhibition, the aim is to avoid sensationalist exaggeration of meaning or attribution of importance where it does not exist. The intention is to offer some of the possible interpretations of the presented works. Our perception is shaped by what we have learned to recognise, so it is crucial to constantly question and broaden our perspective. By doing so, we can discover alternative interpretations that enrich our understanding of art within different cultural frameworks, surpassing mere aesthetic appreciation. By updating historical fragments of otherness, the exhibition challenges the limitations imposed by the modernist paradigm of art history and calls for critical reflection. The aim is to present the phenomenon of otherness within the cultural production represented in the collection of the National Museum of Modern Art, starting from the second half of the 19th century onwards. By presenting 22 works from the NMMA Collection alongside four works from the CMK Collection, we uncover and examine the social preconditions, self-censorship of artists, and the significance of gender and sexual identity in creative expression, addressing feminist issues, decolonization, and gender and LGBTQI+ theories. (…)

Photo: Goran Vranić © National Museum of Modern Art, Zagreb

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