On 10th February, the Varaždin City Museum set up Ina Drutter’s Enchanted exhibition in the exhibition hall of its Sermage Palace within the programme framework of this year’s series presenting Croatian artists.
The thirty or so selected works in mixed-media on paper are part of a valuable donation made by Ina’s father, Isak Drutter, to the National Museum of Modern Art, which presented the fifty works donated to the museum in July last year at an exhibition at the Josip Račić Studio of the National Museum of Modern Art.
The exhibition is curated by Dajana Vlaisavljević, a museum consultant at the National Museum of Modern Art and Head of the museum’s 1898-1918 Painting Collection, while the exhibition setup is authored by Elizabeta Igrec, a senior curator at the Varaždin City Museum.
The exhibition closes on 28th February.

Translated by: Ana Janković

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