The Stone on a Branch exhibition by visual artist Amela Frankl opened at the Josip Račić Gallery

The Stone on a Branch exhibition by visual artist Amela Frankl has been opened yesterday evening at the Josip Račić Gallery. On that occasion Director of the National Museum of Modern Art and exhibition curator Branko Franceschi presented exhibition in front of guests. The artist Amela Frankl thanked all the collaborators, and spoke about her own inspiration for the exhibition. With the exhibition A Stone on a Branch at the Josip Račić Gallery which will remain open until 2nd July visual artist Amela Frankl continues her complex artistic project Black Glass on the Way, that she intends to develop in different media and disciplines in several consecutive exhibitions, in various exhibition spaces.
The planned framework of the exhibition, in accordance with the Josip Račić Gallery programmatic focus on the traditionally understood art object, was conceived as a series of posters on the theme of dialogue between the artist and the curator, and it developed into an epistle of sorts on a poster, in which the artist, through a formal dialogue of visuals and text, presents her side of the communication established by the exhibition. The posters, as a dialogue between the artist and the designers, are based on performative black and white photographs focused on the figure, gesture and facial expression of the artist, in order to demonstrate the intensity of her inner dialogue processes. Direct and confessional statements delivered as unexpectedly witty colloquial phrases, in more or less rhyming stanzas and uniform font and position, are placed at the bottom of the visual as their integral part, much like film subtitles. In a steady rhythm, similar to a film reel or a photo-novel, the posters completely saturate the parameters of the exhibition space. Two video works with sounds and colours that refer to the context of Mauritania, are presented as a discursive pair to this uniform, black-and-white series of static situations.
Branko Franceschi, excerpt from the text in the exhibition catalogue

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Photo: Goran Vranić © National Museum of Modern Art, Zagreb, 2023

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