The Contra Group- Works on paper: sketches, drawings, studies paintings…


In the Studio, Vladimir Blažanović, Žorž Draušnik, Tihomir Lončar, Vladimir Meglić, Željko Mucko, Goran Petrač, Velimir Rački, Davorin Radić and Petar Ujević presented works on paper: sketches, drawings, studies and paintings created in the period from 1989 to 2014. They are all sculptors, painters and a musician of about the same age and with similar intellectual personalities who share the same worldview and creative speech, who were initially brought together by the ambition to turn an aural into a visual experience. In spite of working in a group, the artists have retained their individuality in choice of theme and manner of making pictures. They do drawings, watercolours, gouaches, oil paintings, mosaics, stained glass and frescos. Tribute to the Double Bass, a multimedia project that included a print portfolio, a sound recording and oil paintings presented in Zagreb in 1988, and later in other cities, was the first exhibition of the Contras. In order to bring the music closer to the art, at the openings performances for two double basses by contemporary Croatian composers have been performed. To date, they have put on some thirty exhibitions.


Davorin Radić, Mirta Radić, 2006.
Petar Ujević, Still life, 2014.
Goran Petrač, Eagle, 1990.
Tihomir Lončar, Painter, 2009.
Velimir Rački, I remember, 1996.
Vladimir Blažanović, Figurative 1, 2006.
Vladimir Meglić, Birds, 2006.
Željko Mucko, Still Life, 2014.

Photo: Miro Martinić

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