Sculptural Works from the Rybak – Magjer Donation exhibition opened at the Josip Račić Studio of the Modern Gallery


On 11th July, at the Josip Račić Studio of the Modern Gallery, the Sculptural Works from the Rybak – Magjer Donation exhibition from the holdings of the Modern Gallery was officially opened. This was the first time that visitors – including Ms Dora Budić, the daughter of the beneficiary of the Rybak – Magjer legacy – had the opportunity to see fourteen sculptures and medals from the collection of two passionate collectors, Drago Magjer and Nada Ostrogović Magjer, which were donated in 2017 to the Modern Gallery by Ms Elizabeta Rybak Budić. Visitors were greeted on behalf of the director of the Modern Gallery by the Head of the Curatorial Service of the Modern Gallery, Ms Lada Bošnjak Velagić, who thanked Ms Rybak Budić for this valuable donation. The works exhibited and the donation were presented by the author of the exhibition, Ms Tatijana Gareljić, a museum adviser at the Modern Gallery, who said the following in her address: In addition to nine paintings by painters Emanuel Vidović, Josip Botteri Sr., Angjelo Uvodić, Ignjat Job, Petar Lubarda, Vilko Šeferov and Vjekoslav Parać, the donation also contains 14 sculptures and medals by Croatian and foreign artists, also presented at this exhibition. The sculptures and medals from the Rybak – Magjer donation were all created between 1903 and 1936, and are all portraits. They were made in plaster, bronze and marble, have their author’s personal poetics embedded in them, and reflect the European social and artistic climate of the first half of the 20th century.


S otvorenja izložbe Kiparska djela iz donacije Rybak - Magjer u Studiju Moderne galerije "Josip Račić". Foto Goran Vranić © Moderna galerija, Zagreb

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