On the „Museum Night”, visitors were guided by the Zagreb grammar school students through the exhibition „Nikola Mašić, a Noble Realist“ at the Modern Gallery

Due to the exceptional interest of the public, Nikola Mašić, a Noble Realist at the Zagreb Modern Gallery has been extended until 24th February 2019.
This valuable and attractive exhibition – in the author’s concept of the MG museum consultant Dajana Vlaisavljević – featuring more than a hundred Mašić’s paintings, studies, drawings and archive material, has been seen by 12,000 visitors so far, including those who visited the Modern Gallery during the „Museum Night“ on 1st February. With a free entrance from 7pm to 1am after midnight, the Modern Gallery provided its visitors with guided tours by Zagreb grammar school students. “Grammar School Students – Museum Guides”, a concept derived from the Modern Gallery project “Ten Schools – Ten Artists”, which was conceived fourteen years ago by the senior curator of the Modern Gallery Ivana Rončević Elezović. The students of the Fifth, Sixteenth and the First Private Gymnasiums interpreted to visitors the individual themes and segments of Mašić’s exhibition from 7pm till 10 pm. There was on offer a rich selection of souvenirs and publication from the MG museum store, and some publications were up to 80% more affordable.

Foto: Goran Vranić @ Moderna galerija, Zagreb

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