Nikola Koydl, Objects and Paintings

“Loving Labyrinth”, “Labyrinth of Freedom”, “Labyrinth of Wisdom”, “Labyrinth of No Exit”, “My Labyrinth”, “Labyrinth of Life and Death”, “Feelings”, “Something in Me” and “Blue Dreams” are the titles of works that Nikola Koydl will present on September 16 at the exhibition Objects and Paintings in the Josip Račić Studio of the Modern Gallery,.
“For what is life if not a kind of labyrinth?” asks Koydl.
This contemporary Croatian artist, known for his powerful colourist abstractions, has taught for a number of years at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb and although he is today enjoying his retirement, in his studio in the centre of the city he is still creating outstanding artworks. Some of them will be able to be viewed at the exhibition in the Josip Račić Studio.

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