Lovro Artuković – Deceleration 5 – 29 December 2020


November 5, 2020 to November 29, 2020
Organiser: The Art Pavilion in Zagreb and Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik
In association with the Modern Gallery, Zagreb
Expert conception, selection of works, catalogue essay: Leonida Kovač

The Art Pavilion in Zagreb and Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik are the joint organisers of the exhibition Deceleration in which, after many years, Lovro Artuković is presenting himself in Zagreb.
The exhibition should have been held in Zagreb in the Art Pavilion from mid-July to mid-September 2020, in the general framework of the cycle Ambiental Exhibitions of Contemporary Croatian Artists for the Art Pavilion. In the meantime, Zagreb was hit by the earthquake, which inflicted great damage on the Art Pavilion, because of which the gallery is closed until further notice. The exhibition, accordingly, will be held in Zagreb in the Modern Gallery, for which we are most grateful to its director, Branko Franceschi.

Lovro Artuković has lived for years in Berlin, and had his last show in Zagreb in 2014 in Lauba. Since then in Zagreb, his native town, we have not had the chance to see works by this artist.
Artuković’s primary medium is figurative painting. In the creation of his works he uses the traditional technique of oil paint on large format canvases. This exhibition, too, includes large-sized paintings, but there are some new elements as well, related to the artist’s explorations in visual art. This has resulted in the great richness of detail in his recent works. The exhibition we shall have the pleasure of seeing in Zagreb, and subsequently in Dubrovnik, will show 43 works created in the period from 2015 to 2020, and is divided into four sections: Golden Foils and Reflections; The Melancholy of Night Lights; Visit to the Studio; Excursion.

From the list of Artuković’s solo shows it can be seen that the painter exhibits but seldom and that his creative process is very lengthy, the works ultimately coming into being over a rather long period of time. Certainly, this artist cannot be accused of hyper-production, and he says of himself, quite to the contrary: “Big production is something that is completely unknown to me, I cannot create in that way”.

Photos of Works by Lovro Artuković – Gunter Lepkowski
Photos of Lovro Artuković’s Deceleration exhibition set up at the National Museum of Modern Art,Zagreb – Goran Vranić©National Museum of Modern Art, Zagreb, Zagreb

Lovro Artuković, Reflection of the studio in gold foil, 2018.
Photo: Gunter Lepkowski©Gunter Lepkowski

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