Ivica Malčić : Zoran Pavelić
Concept of Image : Image of concept

Curated by Željko Marciuš and Branko Franceschi

Starting from the conceptually opposite initial positions – Ivica Malčić from the position of traditional visual art and Zoran Pavelić from post-conceptual art – they meet in the middle with their unorthodox approach to the painting discipline. They both use text and references to key cultural figures and phenomena, thus sublimating the most important dilemmas, issues and ideas that have determined the construct of visual culture at the turn of the millennium, with an emphasis on local themes and contents. Therefore, their parallel presentation at the NMMA provides the audience with a view of fundamental cultural issues: what is art, especially painting, and what should it be today, what is the artist’s position and what is their view of the curator-institution-audience construct that they depend on.

Ivica Malčić was born in 1964 in Zagreb where he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in the class of Prof. Miroslav Šutej.
Zoran Pavelić was born in 1961 in Osijek. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in the class of Prof. Đuro Seder.
Ivica Malčić and Zoran Pavelić live and work in Zagreb.

Photo: Goran Vranić © National Museum of Modern Art, Zagreb, 2022

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