Fedor Džamonja

The opening of Fedor Džamonja’s exhibition was held at the National Museum of Modern Art on 27 April. At the exhibition conceived by art historian and NMMA director Branko Franceschi, the son of Dušan Džamonja, one of the most prominent Croatian sculptors in the second half of the 20th century, presents selected works from his photographic oeuvre. In terms of subject-matter, since the 1970s Fedor Džamonja is essentially preoccupied with the eternal theme of nature, presented on this occasion through the series: Lotus Fields, A Moment in the Life of Trees, Reflections (On the Lake), Storms over Valkanela, Nature, Come to Me. In the exhibition catalogue Branko Franceschi writes: Certain atypical features of Fedor Džamonja’s photographic oeuvre are crucial for its presentation at the National Museum of Modern Art. They are a constant in his relationship to the medium itself, thus making it a specific phenomenon within the prevalent photographic discourse today.
The exhibition will be on view until 26 June, and it is accompanied by a bilingual catalogue in Croatian and English with a text written by art historian Branko Franceschi. The catalogue is designed by Fedor Džamonja.

Images: Fedor Džamonja; Lotos Field #2 (1995.) 2012.; On the Lake #33, Tervuren Park, Brussels (2005.) 2006., The Storm #12, Valcanella, Vrsar (2012.) 2012. © Fedor Džamonja

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