Drawings of Oton Gliha, marking the centenary of the artist’s birth

In the Modern Gallery Josip Račić Studio, on Saturday, November 15, an exhibition of drawings by the classic painter Oton Gliha will be opened. The exhibition is being put on by the friends of Oton Gliha to mark the centenary of the birth of this important artist and their dear friend. The twenty drawings shown at the exhibition belong to the artist’s friends. They were done in various techniques, such as watercolour, marker, coloured ink, in the time from the early 1950s to the late 1990s. Chosen for the show are works of diverse poetics and motifs, including early still lives, realistic landscapes and landscapes featuring the archetypal theme of the dry stone mound that Oton Gliha worked on and varied the whole of his creative career.

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