„Sculptures in Glass“, an exhibition by Đurđica Horvat opened at the Modern Gallery Studio „Josip Račić“


At the Modern Gallery Studio „Josip Račić“, on 28th March, an exhibition was opened of glass sculptures by Đurđica Horvat, a ceramic artist and sculptor. A great number of visitors on this occasion were welcomed by Biserka Rauter Plančić, the director of Modern Gallery, who in her speech emphasized: This monographic exhibition contains an excerpt of the artist’s creations from 2005 to 2018. These are the important years in the personal biography of the author, who, with her work so far, has made an outstanding contribution to the development of contemporary art in glass. Namely, Đurđica Horvat has been researching and passionately promoting the medium of glass for over two decades. Rauter Plančić thanked the art critic, the doyen of art publishing Marina Baričević, the preface author of the exhibition catalogue – who, due to her ill health was unable to attend the opening – for her engagement in the exhibition and quoted a paragraph from her text: The hardened forming thought of a woman as an everlasting character in art is an icy idea modelled in fire, the exhibition of sculptures in glass by Đurđica Horvat, intrigues with its imagination, finesse, the colourful joy and above all its poetics.
Around fifteen works presented at the exhibition at the Studio „Račić“, with its glass material and fusion technique combine painting and sculpture expressions, and can be viewed until 14th April 2019.

The opening was attended by Veljko Mihalić, a representative of the Mayor of the City of Zagreb.

Foto: Tanja Tevih © Moderna galerija, Zagreb


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