Lidija Šeler, Cries and Whispers

In line with “Twomblyesque” poetics, Lidija Šeler creates her own “cries and whispers” and in these almost monochromatic canvases that truly exude Bergmanian film atmosphere as a source of inspiration, she takes us much further, into the world of personal emotions, her own commitment to painting and ultimately the world where man is an inextricable part of nature. ...writes art historian Romina Peritz in the foreword to the catalogue of Lidija Šeler’s exhibition titled Cries and Whispers. The public will be able to view the exhibition of this contemporary Croatian artist in the Josip Račić Gallery from 7 December 2021 to 9 January 2022. The artist found inspiration for the three works on display, two diptychs and a triptych of monumental dimensions, in the psychological drama Cries and Whispers, 1972 by the famous Swedish director and screenwriter Ingmar Bergman. Thus, black, white and red that predominate on the canvases simultaneously represent an hommage of sorts to the set and costume design from the film, but also the white morning, red twilight or black winter evening observed through the glass walls of the artist’s studio…

Photo from the Cries and Whispers exhibition set-up Goran Vranić©National Museum of Modern Art, Zagreb

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