10 Schools – 10 Artists 2020, museum-education project

Between 23rd and 27th November, the National Museum of Modern Art is organising a museum-education project called 10 Schools – 10 Artists. The project was conceived 16 years ago by senior curator Ivana Rončević Elezović, with the aim of getting high school students to acquire new knowledge and develop a new relationship to both the institution of museum and the art history material that they are taught at school.
Due to the public health and safety situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, there will be no meeting at the Vranyczany Palace this year. The programme participated in by high schools from Osijek, Valpovo, Varaždin, Zagreb, Rijeka, Pula, Zadar and Split will be held online. During November, at previously agreed dates, schools will be presenting the topics they covered in pairs, while the other participating schools will simultaneously follow the presentations, workshops and discussions (i.e., active dialogue between the two schools).
This year’s project centres on Modernism and Contemporaneity. The school teams – consisting of three students and a mentor – are given the task of observing the relationship between Croatian modern and contemporary art based on a comparative analysis of works from the holdings of the National Museum of Modern Art and paintings by Lovro Artuković presented at his Deceleration exhibition, which was set up at the National Museum of Modern Art by the Art Pavilion in Zagreb and the Museum of Modern Art in Dubrovnik. In this way, students become researchers and project presenters.
Presentation clips and summaries will be posted on the website, Facebook and Instagram profiles of the National Museum of Modern Art.

The project is authored and hosted by senior curator at the National Museum of Modern Art, Ivana Rončević Elezović.
Translated by: Ana Janković

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