The NMMA’s program “Art Under the Stars” on the occasion of 29th Educational Museum Action (EMA)


The thematic focal point of the 29th Educational Museum Action (EMA) is the intersection of art and science. The exhibition of Zdravko Milić, on view at the Josip Račić Gallery from 6 to 30 June, will present evocative works by an artist whose oeuvre is characterised by curiosity about themes from science fiction.
The series of paintings titled “Iapetodrome” depicts surreal celestial scenes and encourages contemplation on the mysteries of the cosmos, with a particular focus on Iapetus, one of Saturn’s moons, known for its strikingly contrasting surface features.

As an introductory event related to the aforementioned exhibition, and in connection with this year’s Educational Museum Action by the Croatian Museum Association, Marta Radman, a curator in the Education and Promotion Department of the National Museum of Modern Art conceived the program “Art Under the Stars.”
The NMMA’s program “Art Under the Stars” is realised in collaboration with the Zagreb Observatory, and it consists of a short lecture about Saturn, which will be held on 8 May at 7 p.m. at Opatička 22, by a scientific employee of the Zagreb Observatory. After the lecture, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy the view of the celestial expanses through a telescope...
Admission is free!

(left) 29th EMA Poster
(right) Zdravko Milić’s painting from the series “Iapetodrome,” which the artist will present in June at his eponymous exhibition at the Josip Račić Gallery. Photo Zdravko Milić / Courtesy of the artist

Museum – education project 10 Schools / 10 Artists held at the NMMU

After the last two virtual editions, the museum – education project 10 Schools / 10 Artists, conceived by the NMMU museum consultant Ivana Rončević Elezović, is again organising an in-person get-together of high school students from different parts of Croatia. The theme of a full-day program is Mannerism in 20th and 21st Century Croatian Art and will be held at the National Museum of Modern Art on 12 December 2022. After the team presentations, the students, accompanied by their professors / mentors, will have the opportunity to view the said exhibition, under the expert guidance of art historian and art critic Iva Körbler, author of the concept, to be followed by the visit to the exhibition “Željko Kipke – From Rhythm to The Exterminating Palace” guided by Lorena Šimić, trainee curator.
This is the eighteenth year that the National Museum of Modern Art is organising the project Ten Schools / Ten Artists, devised primarily to elucidate the meaning of the museum as an institution to the participating students, who are independently researching and presenting their projects on a given topic, so that they would acquire new knowledge on creativity and visual arts.
Participating in this year’s project are: Classical Grammar School from Zagreb, Second Grammar School Varaždin, Matija Antun Reljković Grammar School from Vinkovci, High School Valpovo, Vladimir Nazor Grammar School from Zadar, XVI Grammar School from Zagreb, I Grammar School from Osijek, IV Grammar School "Marko Marulić" from Split, Grammar School Dubrovnik and the First Croatian Grammar School in Rijeka.
Author of the concept and project manager: Ivana Rončević Elezović, NMMU museum consultant

Translated by: Robertina Tomić

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