Is this your first visit to Zagreb and Croatia in general?
This is my first visit to Zagreb and Croatia, and my first impression is very positive, people have received me very kindly and always with a smile. I really like the openness to the sky that the city has and the clarity of its air.

Can you tell us something about the concept of your site-specific light installation, which you are presenting at the facade of the NMMU / Vranyczany - Dobrinović - Palace as part of this year's BIENALSUR?
After several conversations with me, Benedetta, the curator, explains it better in the curatorial text, but in short it is a work that intervenes in the architectural lighting system located on the public road. When night comes and with it the public lighting is turned on, a score of orchestrated lights that are turned on and off on the façade of the Museum is activated. These are controlled by a customized computer code and the electronics that mediate them in order to replicate the flickering failures that we see every night in the streets.
This appropriation of lighting devices, an industrialized and massive product, invites us to problematize and to reflect on the ways in which they are used and their different consequences. Emphasizing the strong influence of this materiality in the spaces that belong to all of us.

How do your coloured light installations affect the audience?
Each colour/light of the chromatic spectrum is in a certain wavelength range, which varies the way it affects other bodies when they collide. As for the people who witness my different works, it will depend on the one hand on the socio-historical context in which they have been raised, their personal experiences and on the other hand, the context where the pieces are placed. I suppose that based on the psychological/emotional moment, each individual will be able to perceive each installation and their colours in different ways. The only thing I hope is that you have an experience beyond mere entertainment, there is already a lot of that.

Can you tell us something about the collaboration with the curator Benedetta Casini?
It is our first collaboration with Benedetta, for me it has been a great pleasure and privilege to work with her, she is a very serious, intelligent and responsible person, at the same time, very kind, attentive and funny, a combination of very beneficial qualities for teamwork.

Does your inspiration come from silence, music or some specific situations?
My work is enriched by the reflection on different readings that I come across, as well as by the dialogue with different materials I work with. But above all different human relationships and their affections is what inspires me the most when thinking and creating different situations in art.

You made the audiovisual performance intervention Experimental 8 in collaboration with the musician Coco Etcheverry in 2019. What kind of project is it and how often do you include music and dance in your art?
It was a very fun experience! I work as a VJ and lighting designer from time to time, so many times I do activations of the light installations in real time with musician friends and we have a lot of fun. Other times I do some work for friends and their parties or musical projects. I enjoy it a lot, it's a space where we can have a moment of free expression and generate community, which I value a lot.

What kind of Argentine Tango dancer are you?
I never danced Tango, I really like to dance Cumbia and Reggaeton, I also enjoy dancing to Techno music.

You were born in Rosario, in the province of Santa Fe, Argentina in 1992. When did you realize that you wanted to become an artist and who influenced your artistic development the most?
I began to understand that my personal search was in the field of art when I was 19/20 years old, studying Architecture at the National University of Rosario, where we studied architects such as Luis Barragán and Peter Zumphtor, who understand space as a sensitive area.

Have you visited the Perito Moreno glacier? And how much natural beauty inspires you in your work?
I was lucky to know this glacier and other places of similar impact in Argentina. Whenever I find myself in places of such magnitude and beauty, there’s an energy that can only be explained by being present in the place. That certainly inspires me and makes me want to be a better person, kinder and more friendly, it makes you understand that we are one with the otherness and that life is not only the heritage of humanity.

Since you are coming from the country of football greats like Lionel Messi, Diego Maradona, Gabriel Batistuta, Alfredo di Stéfano, do you follow football and have you ever seen yourself in the jersey of a football team?
I was born in the neighbourhood of Arroyito, in the city of Rosario, the neighbourhood of Club Atletico Rosario Central, a soccer team whose fans are adept at partying and Carnival. That is a lot of fun and exciting.
Although I don't follow soccer very much, I enjoy it when it's World Cup time.

Are you familiar with the work of some of the Croatian contemporary artists?
I admit that due to the distance of our countries I don't know much about the local Croatian scene, but I came across Viktor Popovic's work, which I found very interesting and beautiful at the same time. I also came across the Fu:bar/Glitch Art Festival on the net, a platform of artists with a proposal that, as far as I could understand, consciously dialogues with the issues that encompass electronic/digital and that particularly attracted me.

Interviewed by: Lana Šetka
Photo: (2) Luciana Aldegani (3,4) from the Artist's arcive/ courtesy of the Artist

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