Dear visitors,
since 14 February, the chronological display of the Museum collection from 1850 to 2022 is temporarily closed to visitors because of the start of structural renovation at the Vranyczany Palace, the home of the National Museum of Modern Art. However, part of the Palace’s first floor, currently showing Zlatan Vehabović’s exhibition “An Atlas of a Smaller World” remains open, and it will continue to display the NMMU’s exhibition program with phenomenological presentations of the Museum collection and temporary exhibitions.

In view of the reduced volume of program activities, ticket prices have been adjusted accordingly:

You can still view the NMMU Collection as part of our online program (by visiting the NMMU website and our FB and Instagram pages), which we update every Tuesday and Friday.

For more information on the display of the NMMU collection “One World”, at the Providur’s Palace in Zadar, please visit:

Yours, NMMU

Foto: Goran Vranić © Nacionalni muzej moderne umjetnosti, Zagreb

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