In the Modern Gallery’s Josip Račić Gallery at Margaretska 3, on Thursday, December 18, the exhibition Foreign Sculptors and Medal Makers from the Holdings of the Modern Gallery has been opened.
For this occasion, Đurđa Petravić and Tatijana Gareljić, museum advisors at the Modern Gallery, have chosen from the Gallery’s collections some sixty of the best and most typical works of renowned foreign sculptors and medal-makers who were at work from the 17th to the 20th century. These are works of Central European origin that tell of the strong connections that existed between Zagreb and the then biggest cultural and art centres like Vienna, Rome, Paris, Prague and Sofia. The exhibition is accompanied by a richly illustrated catalogue edited by Biserka Rauter Plančić, director of the Modern Gallery, with articles by the authors of the thematic units. Đurđa Petravić contributes “Foreign Sculptors from the Holdings of the Modern gallery” and Tatijana Gareljić “Foreign Medal Makers from the Holdings of the Modern Gallery”. Both essays are amply supported with photographs by Goran Vranić. The exhibition has been devised by museum advisor Đurđa Petravić.

Exhibition author: Đurđa Petravić, museum advisor
From the exhibition set- up Foreign Sculptors and Medal makers from the Holdings of the Modern Gallery
Foto: Goran Vranić

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