The exhibition Ivica Malčić: Zoran Pavelić – Concept of Image: Image of Concept was presented at the press conference held on 5 July at the National Museum of Modern Art, in the presence of artists Ivica Malčić and Zoran Pavelić. The exhibition is conceived by art historian Branko Franceschi, NMMA director and Željko Marciuš, NMMA museum consultant and head of the Collection of Painting after 1945. Željko Marciuš, who wrote an essay about Ivica Malčić’s work, pointed out in his speech that the exhibition combines the visual and textual content and that in this sense the works of the two artists, although different, do not contradict but rather complement each other. NMMU director Branko Franceschi announced Zoran Pavelić’s performance, titled “Looking for a Metal Construction for My New Body”, to be staged at the exhibition opening, on 6 July at 20:00 hr.

Photo: From the NMMA's archives © National Museum of Modern Art, Zagreb, 2022

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