On 4 July at 19:00 hr, as part of the accompanying program of the 11th Miroslav Krleža Festival, the National Museum of Modern Art will present the exhibition DIALOGUES - KRSTO HEGEDUŠIĆ / MIROSLAV KRLEŽA. Art historian and NMMA director Branko Franceschi has selected Krsto Hegedušić’s works from the NMMA Collection (Spring, 1930, Hlebine, 1931 and Waiting (Rain), 1963) to be displayed as part of an event written by director and actor Goran Matković, director of the Miroslav Krleža Festival. Dijana Vidušin, Franjo Dijak, Petar Prelog, Goran Matović will speak on this occasion.

The Miroslav Krleža Festival continues to examine the relationship between contemporary visual artists and the work of Miroslav Krleža, who has, from his very beginnings, had an animated relationship with the visual arts scene and who significantly influenced modern Croatian art, as manifested in a series of oeuvres – from Hegedušić and Augustinčić, through Svečnjak, Radauš, Vaništa and Stančić to Bourek and Marija Ujević-Galetović, Šercar and Kauzlarić. In fact, very few notable painters and sculptors have remained indifferent to Krleža’s work, whether they viewed it as a black spot or a red rag. After the dialogues Krleža – Babić, Krleža – Bućan, Krleža – Vrkljan, Krleža – Vaništa, this year we are staging the exhibition Dialogues – Krsto Hegedušić/Miroslav Krleža. As part of this visual art-theatre program, we intend to set-up the paintings and drawings of this prominent artist in the space of the National Museum of Modern Art, while the actors will read Krleža’s notes on Krsto Hegedušić.

The Miroslav Krleža Festival program booklet can be found at the following link: Programska_11FMK_07

Reproductions: Krsto Hegedušić: Spring, 1930 (detail) oil on canvas, size: 114 cm x 130 cm. MG- 1528
Hlebine, 1931. (detail) oil on canvas, size: 73.5 x 100 cm. MG - 2971
Čekanje / Waiting (Kiša / Rain), 1963. (detail) tempera/oil on canvas, size: 114 x 130 cm MG -2443
Photo: Goran Vranić © National Museum of Modern Art, Zagreb, 2022.

Hlebine, 1931. (detalj) Ulje / drvo, dim: 73, 5 x 100 cm. MG - 2971
Čekanje (Kiša), 1963. (detalj) Tempera / ulje / platno 114 x 130 cm MG -2443
Foto: Goran Vranić © Nacionalni muzej moderne umjetnosti, Zagreb, 2022.

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